Thursday, June 11, 2009

CITINITE SAYS: Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker

**Often called the "Human Boa Constrictor" and the "Gelatinous Dancer". Originated and made famous the dance called the "Snakehips" in the early 1920's. A dance that is a wriggling, hip type dance that is descriptive of its name.

Tucker came to New York in the mid 1920's via the May Kemp show from Baltimore. Snakehips got his first dance Show at Connie's Inn shortly after arriving into town and became a fixture for many years there. As time passed he would work for many
Night Clubs and theatres namely The Lafayette and Cotton Club.

His costume was designed to show off his movements; it consisted of a loose fitting silk shirt with puffy sleeves, form fitting black bell bottom pants with a sequined cumberbun with a sparkling buckle in the center from which hung a large tassle. Sometimes he would replace the cumberbun and tassle with a sash wrapped around his waist a few times, tied, and hung down at the side. His aura was coarse, deep suggestive and menacing all at the same time, like a cobra stalking its prey.**


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